Throat: Symptoms, Conditions And Diagnosis

The function of the throat is so vital to our health and wellness. The tongue, palate, and upper throat are critical for the preparation of food and liquid to be swallowed and for the formation of words. The larynx, or voice box, in the lower throat is the source of our unique vocal sound and protects our lungs from the substances we ingest. 

The physicians of Louisville Family ENT are highly skilled and  experienced at diagnosing conditions of the throat which threaten and diminish these critical functions.

Our doctors treat all infectious processes affecting the throat including tonsillitis and adenoiditis with particular expertise in the management of recurrent strep throat.

Voice dysfunction or hoarseness is a common reason for a visit to the ENT and the physicians of Louisville Family ENT are especially skilled in this area. Our doctors can visualize the vocal cords and usually provide an accurate diagnosis in one office visit.  

Swallowing difficulty, or painful swallowing can often indicate a more serious condition and should be evaluated thoroughly  as should a deep pressure or tightness in the throat.  Atypical breathing sounds such as "croup breathing" or unusual throat wheezing is also within our area of expertise. 

In fact, any throat or voice related symptom which does not improve within three weeks should be investigated further.

If you are unsure about your particular throat issue, talk with your primary care physician or contact us for assistance