Nose: Symptoms, Conditions, Diagnosis And Treatment

Think of a memorable time--a time when you felt most alive--and almost always a fragrance will come to mind associated with the memory: the smell of a holiday tree, the ocean air, or the old wood floors in a relative's home. To register these olfactory "memories" so vital to quality of life, the nasal passages must be clear and functioning properly.

The physicians of Louisville Family ENT are trained and experienced in the medical and surgical management of all conditions which can impact the nasal passages. After careful assessment of exactly "what's bugging you" about your nose and sinuses, we will review all past treatment, perform a thorough ENT exam (including comfort able nasal endoscopy if indicated), recommend necessary additional diagnostic tests, and develop an effective treatment plan uniquely tailored to your situation.

Are your sinuses staying infected, requiring multiple antibiotics?

Is there difficulty breathing through the nose?

Is the sense of smell diminished?

Are bleeding, crusting, and constant irritation present?

These are just a few of the nasal and sinus issues our physicians are ready to evaluate. Louisville Family ENT has experience with the following conditions:

Already received treatment in the past? Surgery on the sinuses before? Allergy treatment not helping? Let our physicians investigate your problem and get you on the road to better nasal health.

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