Ear: Symptoms, Conditions, Diagnosis And Treatment

Think of the sounds that make your world your own: a child's laugh, a favorite song, a loved one's voice. We hardly think of our ears when they are functioning well. Many conditions, however, can diminish or threaten the function of our ears. At Louisville Family ENT, our board certified physicians are expertly qualified to treat a wide array of childhood and adult ear disorders.

Our doctors treat all infectious diseases of the outer, middle and inner ear and their associated symptoms including pain, drainage, odor and diminished hearing. We evaluate and treat childhood ear conditions including ear infections in infants and toddlers, placing ear tubes when indicated. We see ear cysts, pits, tags and abnormal shapes. We safely and expertly remove foreign bodies from the ear and evaluate all types of traumatic injuries to the outer ear and eardrum.

We treat all conditions of the eustachian tube, the passage from the back of the nose to the middle ear, or small space behind the eardrum. Difficulty with this structure can cause pressure, fluid development, popping, ear pain with flight travel, and even diminished hearing. In fact , our physicians investigate hearing loss of all types in all age groups. We offer expert in office audiology services to accurately test the hearing function of the ear. Our Hearing Aid Center offers state of the art hearing devices from the most reputable brands in the industry, custom fitted and adjusted for optimal performance.

Additionally, our in office microscopes allow for safe and comfortable cleaning of the ear canal, relieving wax and debris to allow for accurate diagnosis of the ear drum and structures of the middle ear.

Ear pain, in the absence of obvious causes, requires careful and thorough investigation to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. The jaw joint, the cervical spine, and the deep part of the throat can all refer pain into the ear. Our physicians can thoroughly investigate all of these areas and others to help resolve your discomfort.

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